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Articles in magazines (In Spanish)
2011-07 Infotaller.tv: asanetwork's presentation and agreements with Lidera Soluciones, Sevimaq and incadea
2011-07 Mryt: agreement with incadea and Sevimaq
2011-07 Autoprofesional: asanetwork's presentation
2011-06 Mryt: agreement with Lidera Soluciones
2011-06 ElectroCar: agreement with Lidera Soluciones
2011-05 ElectroCar: asanetwork's presentation in Motortec, Automechanika Iberica



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14-6-2011: incadea Spain confirms the integration of asanetwork with their new DMS, incadea.MyEngine

10-6-2011: Agreement with Sevimaq for promoting the use of asanetwork with their bodywork repair equipments

18-5-2011: Partnership agreement in Portugal with Activetech

3-5-2011: Lidera Soluciones sings the integration of its DMS, Spiga+, with asanetwork

1-4-2011: asanetwork's presentation in Automechanika Iberica

14-3-2011: Launch of asanetwork's website

18-2-2011: B2B-automotive extends the asanetwork distribution to Portugal

21-12-2010: Agreement with Asanetwork GmbH for the asanetwork distribution



Mr.. Ramón Lago, CEO of Lidera Soluciones, DMS company


"In Lidera Soluciones we strive to provide our customers with leading-edge solutions that create efficiency in their processes. For this reason we decided to integrate asanetwork.

We understand that asanetwork is a great addition to our management system, Spiga +, and we believe our customers will value highly by the significant time savings and quality improvements that are generated.

No doubt this global solution allows us to cover the needs of our international clients."