DMS, Dealer Management System

asanetwork is the standard of communication and information exchange between the DMS, or management system, and workshop equipment such as wheel alignment and balancing, diagnostic equipment, gas analyzers, brake testers, test lines, air services conditioning, oil management, body repair system...

Key Benefits 

It was created by the initiative of the manufacturers of equipment, systems management and Volkswagen to achieve a common language that allows to integrate all systems and equipment used in the workflow of a workshop.

Is a common standard, open to all who want to integrate.

More than 65 companies from many different countries: workshop equipment suppliers, DMS, management systems… and automakers like Audi, Volkswagen, Seat are already integrated into asanetwork.

-Automatic integration with a large number of equipments

-Enhances DMS funcionalities

-Great Benefits for workshops, DMS + asanetwork, clear business prospects

-More than 65 companies are already integrated

View asanetwork's video presentation

B2B-automotive reached an agreement with Lidera Soluciones to integrate asanetwork with Spiga +, and with incadea in order to iniciate the integration of their DMS, incadea.MyEngine.


asanetwork allows computers to exchange data, test results, graphs … between the workshop and equipment management system.

asanetwork works behind the management system, connecting computers to the workshop. Workshop personnel do not need to learn new software.

The data and test results are stored in the management system, allowing:

  • Check tracking work orders and their status in the network.

  • Store data for users for consultation when needed.

  • Provide backup and check the history.

  • Document management, testing information and files.

asanetwork interfaces, data formats and data transfer protocols are standardized and based on the Internet, XML.

With the results of the test,, it is possible to access the workshop, on-line to take the test or later, to: check the stock of a piece, request it via e-commerce, linking information, an assessment tool, consult technical information, access the manufacturer in the hot-line...

Example of a workflow with asanetwork: View it on pdf or video

  • Preparing a new work order management system. Customer data and vehicle can be retrieved from history

  • The management system by asanetwork, sends data to the workshop teams involved in the work order, eg gas analyzer.

  • The gas analyzer operator selects the appropriate task listed.

  • The test gas analyzer data and results are submitted by asanetwork, the management system.

  • Results can be printed and saved for when you want from any computer in the workshop.

  • Upon completion of all tasks in the order (gas analysis) ,it closes.

  • Along with the bill can also be printed the test gas analyzer.

  • The history is saved and can be accessed from any computer in the workshop.

  • From the management system, the test information is verified, on-line or when required, the stock of a part, is requested via e-commerce, with access to an assessment tool, viewing technical information...

Current context:

  • In today's world, all computers must be connected, integrated.

  • Workshops need to manage information in a consistent and coordinated way.

  • It is not possible for a workshop to manage a multitude of programs, outputs in different formats, data entry by copying from one system to another...

  • Increasingly, automakers and Grids workshops are trying to standardize the information on the workshops to simplify administrative work and help them become more efficient. The integration is essential today.

With asanetwork Management System, DMS provides more value to the workshop:

  • Optimizes the data processing equipment of the workshop. The workshop takes less time to generate and manage information, staying in the historic use.

  • Document management is expanding and improving the test. The image enhances the workshop: less paper, uniform information, order, control, modernity.

  • asanetwork workshop gives access to all data from test equipment from any computer. The workshop teams are updated online.

  • Test data is related to its management system, either directly or via the internet. The workshop can see a piece of code in a test to see if it is in stock, ask to purchase it e-commerce …

  • In Germany it is estimated that a workshop saves around 10-12 minutes per test with asanetwork, about 10 euros per test savings on labor. The oil management is estimated to save 10% oil with asanetwork.

  • The majority of workshop equipment is integrated with asanetwork Spain. Their workshops will appreciate much your software management system or DMS is integrated with asanetwork, you benefit from this trade.

Management systems of the future:

  • There are car manufacturers that use asanetwork and have included in its future developments, eg the network Audi, Volkswagen and Seat Germany work with asanetwork, is integrated with ELSA and Cross and included in the new management system for all the group.

  • Due to cost reduction that provides asanetwork, there are companies that work with lower prices if the teams are integrated with asanetwork, eg DEKRA in Germany.

  • asanetwork integrates automatically with a multitude of workshop equipment around the world, without the need of your company to develop their own integrations with each manufacturer of workshop equipment, with the duplication of costs for development and maintenance.

New opportunities with asanetwork:

  • To expand overseas marketing asanetwork integration is a very profitable investment. Automakers and large multi-brand repairers networks are increasingly interested in international capacity suppliers.

  • asanetwork opens new business opportunities in Spain. Packages sold in Germany + asanetwork management system with great success. We will advise.

  • asanetwork improves the functionality of DMS software or management system, making it more competitive and attractive to the garages, to large networks and car manufacturer.

In Germany, Austria and other European countries it is becoming ever harder to sell equipment or software without integration with asanetwork. More than 65 companies in equipment, DMS and management systems are already integrated into asanetwork, do not stay outside the standard.


View the asanetwork presentation for DMS. On the Downloading area you will find more information.

More information at:

B2B-automotive (dpto. asanetwork)
Velázquez 53, 2 Izda, 28001 Madrid
Phone: (34) 91 277 03 21


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14-6-2011: incadea Spain confirms the integration of asanetwork with their new DMS, incadea.MyEngine

10-6-2011: Agreement with Sevimaq for promoting the use of asanetwork with their bodywork repair equipments

18-5-2011: Partnership agreement in Portugal with Activetech

3-5-2011: Lidera Soluciones sings the integration of its DMS, Spiga+, with asanetwork

1-4-2011: asanetwork's presentation in Automechanika Iberica

14-3-2011: Launch of asanetwork's website

18-2-2011: B2B-automotive extends the asanetwork distribution to Portugal

21-12-2010: Agreement with Asanetwork GmbH for the asanetwork distribution



Mr. Ramón Lago, CEO of Lidera Soluciones, DMS company


"In Lidera Soluciones we strive to provide our customers with leading-edge solutions that create efficiency in their processes. For this reason we decided to integrate asanetwork.

We understand that asanetwork is a great addition to our management system, Spiga +, and we believe our customers will value highly by the significant time savings and quality improvements that are generated.

No doubt this global solution allows us to cover the needs of our international clients."

      Mr. Alejandro Nicieza, Director of Sevimaq    

"The Sevimaq equipment distributes in Spain equipments to body shops since 1995, highlighting our electronic measurement equipment bodywork Shark.

Blackhawk has been an asanetwork partner for years because the Sharj+asanetwork conjunction offers more value to our workshops. We are glad to have asanetwork in Spain because like this our customers will be able to obtain our equipment Shark maximum performance, as it has already been done in lots of Centre-Europe workshops.

asanetwork integrates our electronic meter Shark with the workshop management system, enabling the workshops to improve their productivity, quality and control, so as to offer the information to the experts and the insurance companies on a fully secure way."


Mr. Fernando Palma, General Manager of incadea Spain


"Incadea bets for innovative solutions that incorporate last Microsoft´s technology in ERP and CRM systems, and that are gaining the major automotive brands.

Our new DMS, incadea MyEngine, will dispose of very vanguard features that will contribute to improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers.

Based on this philosophy we are going to initiate the integration with asanetwork so as the licensees that wish can be incorporated, improving markedly the productivity on their workshop processes."



      Mr. Fernando Hernández, IT Director for Grupo Domingo Alonso, Audi-Volkswagen importer of Canary Islands, Luxembourg..    

"At Domingo Alonso we integrated asanetwork due to its great importance in the marketing of our DMS in central European markets and we understand that, for our daily work in our own dealer network, we will generate significant savings of time and money, service quality improvement and control of workflow.

We consider it a must have for today in any workshop that aims improving processes staying ahead of the current technology."