In the 90′'s and given the great diversity of equipment and software for the ASA workshops Association, the German Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Equipment for Automobiles, made a major effort to build an open network and a common standard resulting in consistency and common software.


In 1998, some workshop equipment manufacturers such as wheel alignment, brake testers, gas analyzers... and software (management systems workshop, DMS...) with the support of Volkswagen, agreed to create a global standard environment. For this reason, it was founded in 1998 Asanetwork GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The mission of Asanetwork is to provide to the international automotive aftermarket a single standard interface compatible with all DMS and management systems workshop. Asanetwork all shareholders are members of the ASA Association. The workshops will get better performance equipment and integrated asanetwork software, so the manufacturers of computers wont need to develop integrations with all DMS and management systems.


The involvement of manufacturers with asanetwork guarantees continuous updating and adaptation to the changing needs of the workshops, car dealers and new technologies (internet...). In fact there is a technical committee with 12-15 hardware and software manufacturers, both shareholders and partners, which meet regularly to promote improvements and updates for asanetwork.

asanetwork received during 1998 the Innovation Award in the automotive world's largest fair at Frankfurt Automechanics.

In the year 2000 started the cooperation with the American network i-SHOP, American organization of manufacturers of equipment for the AAIA's automobiles, in order to get global coverage.


Currently over 65 companies: suppliers of workshop equipment, software (DMS...) and car manufacturers like Audi, Volkswagen, Seat are already integrated in asanetwork .

asanetwork is present in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Holland, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland. Customers are dealers and workshops, fast repair garages, vehicle inspection centers...

Since January 2011, after the good experience with the importer of Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda in the Canary Islands (Domingo Alonso), asanetwork expands in Spain and Portugal with B2B-automotive as a distributor.

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B2B-automotive (dpto. asanetwork)
Velázquez 53, 2 Izda, 28001 Madrid
Phone: (34) 91 277 03 21


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14-6-2011: incadea Spain confirms the integration of asanetwork with their new DMS, incadea.MyEngine

10-6-2011: Agreement with Sevimaq for promoting the use of asanetwork with their bodywork repair equipments

18-5-2011: Partnership agreement in Portugal with Activetech

3-5-2011: Lidera Soluciones sings the integration of its DMS, Spiga+, with asanetwork

1-4-2011: asanetwork's presentation in Automechanika Iberica

14-3-2011: Launch of asanetwork's website

18-2-2011: B2B-automotive extends the asanetwork distribution to Portugal

21-12-2010: Agreement with Asanetwork GmbH for the asanetwork distribution