asanetwork is the standard of communication and information exchange between the diagnostic equipment workshops, aligners, gas analyzers, brake testers, air conditioning service, oil management systems, body repair... and management systems, DMS.


asanetwork was born under the auspices of the manufacturers of equipment, management systems, DMS and Volkswagen with the objective of a communication standard in the automotive aftermarket to integrate the equipment and systems used in the workflow of a workshop.

Proceeds from an open and efficient philosophy, there are plenty of manufacturers around the world asanetwork integrated, with easy integration.

Already more than 65 hardware manufacturers, software … and automakers such as Audi, Volkswagen, Seat are asanetwork integrated.

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The data and test results are exchanged among all the computers in the workshop in real time.

The storage of measurements and test results may have backups, you can see the history and the ability to store data for users who are not yet ready to receive what they may consult when needed. It controls the monitoring of work orders and their status in the network.

The interfaces, format and data transfer protocols are standardized and based on the Internet, XML.

Key Benefits

By internet or DMS, asanetwork allows the shop to use test results to see the stock of a piece, e-commerce purchase, view technical information, contact the manufacturer of the vehicle …

Workflow: View it on pdf or video

  • You enter the vehicle data and work order management system, DMS.

  • By asanetwork, the DMS sends the data to the workshop teams involved in the work order, eg brake tester.

  • The mechanic selects the task in the brake tester.

  • At the end of the test, sends the test data and results through asanetwork to DMS.
  • Results can be printed and are saved for when you want from any computer in the workshop.

  • When the tasks of the work order are finished, it remains closed.

  • Along with the bill, it can also be delivered the brake test.

  • The history is stored.

  • From the Internet or the DMS, and the test information, it may be accessed workshop stock parts, electronic commerce, information technology...

Workshops situation:

  • They can not manage a multitude of programs, formats, copy data from one place to another...

  • They need integrations to manage all the information easily and focus on their work.

  • By integrating the car manufacturers and the major networks are trying to help, standardizing the information to reduce their administrative burden and help them become more efficient. The integration of the workshop equipment is essential in this strategy.

With asanetwork your equipment gives more value to the workshops:

  • Significant improvement of information processing and test measurements. Savings for the retail shop time to generate and manage information with fewer errors.

  • Information test data shared on-line in all workshop equipments and computers.

  • Online access to the stock of the workshop, e-commerce, information technology...

  • If your computer can be upgraded via the Internet asanetwork helps in this task to the workshop, keeping their computers updated daily: better image, less problems...

  • In Germany it is estimated savings for the workshop of about 10-12 minutes per test with asanetwork, around 10 euros per test savings on labor. The oil management in Germany it is estimated to save 10% with asanetwork.

The future, asanetwork:

  • asanetwork is integrated with ELSA and Cross, the new management system for the whole group Volkswagen and Audi-Seat at an European level.

  • asanetwork reduces administrative costs with companies that have decided to apply a lower price to the workshops that have asanetwork, eg DEKRA in Germany.

  • Since 1-1-2012 in Germany all the Official Inspection Services´s breake testers must have a standard interface, by law.

  • asanetwork will integrate automatically your equipment with a multitude of management systems, DMS, saving your company to develop their own integrations with each DMS … with their duplication of development and maintenance costs and failure to do so within a reasonable time.

  • Today to enter or to aspire to have good presence in the Central European markets, asanetwork provides great value.

  • asanetwork enhances the functionalities of equipment, making them more competitive and attractive to the garages, to large networks of workshops and car manufacturers.

In Germany, Austria and other European countries is becoming ever harder to sell equipment or software without the integration with asanetwork. More than 65 companies in workshop equipments, DMS and management systems are already integrated into asanetwork, do not stay outside the standard.


View the presentation for Manufacturer Equipments. On the Downloading area you will find more information.

More information at:

B2B-automotive (dpto. asanetwork)
Velázquez 53, 2 Izda, 28001 Madrid
Phone: (34) 91 277 03 21


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20-10-2011: Acuerdo con Velyen lic. Istobal para la comunicación de las ventajas del uso de asanetwork con sus equipos de gestión de lubricantes

14-6-2011: incadea Spain confirma la integración de asanetwork con su nuevo DMS, incadea.MyEngine

10-6-2011: Agreement with Sevimaq for promoting the use of asanetwork with their bodywork repair equipments

18-5-2011: Partnership agreement in Portugal with Activetech

3-5-2011: Lidera Soluciones sings the integration of its DMS, Spiga+, with asanetwork

1-4-2011: asanetwork's presentation in Automechanika Iberica

14-3-2011: Launch of asanetwork's website

18-2-2011: B2B-automotive extends the asanetwork distribution to Portugal

21-12-2010: Agreement with Asanetwork GmbH for the asanetwork distribution



Mr. Vicente Soria, Business Solutions Manager of Velyen lic. Istobal


"Our Lubricant's Management is of the highest quality, because of that it is integrated with asanetwork. Through asanetwork all the oil changes information is automatically communicated to the workshop management system, DMS.

The oil savings due to an exhaustive control, the operators time and the installation and maintenance of our Management systems are optimized with asanetwork.

Without any doubt this solution, very tested in Centre-Europe, will be of great interest for our clients because of its important savings and its management information improvements."

      Mr. Alejandro Nicieza, Director of Sevimaq    

"The Sevimaq equipment distributes in Spain equipments to body shops since 1995, highlighting our electronic measurement equipment bodywork Shark.

Blackhawk has been an asanetwork partner for years because the Sharj+asanetwork conjunction offers more value to our workshops. We are glad to have asanetwork in Spain because like this our customers will be able to obtain our equipment Shark maximum performance, as it has already been done in lots of Centre-Europe workshops.

asanetwork integrates our electronic meter Shark with the workshop management system, enabling the workshops to improve their productivity, quality and control, so as to offer the information to the experts and the insurance companies on a fully secure way."