Main Benefits

asanetwork is the standard of communication and information exchange for the workshop between the DMS, or management system, and workshop equipment: alignment, diagnostic equipment...

More than 65 companies around the world: workshop equipments, DMS, management systems... and automakers like Audi, Volkswagen, Seat are already integrated into asanetwork.

Why asanetwork?:

  • Significant time savings and better organization.

  • A workshop saves around 10-12 minutes per test with asanetwork, about 10 euros per test savings on labor. asanetwork saves 10% in oil management (data from Germany ).

  • Most of workshops equipments are already integrated with asanetwork, their updates with asanetwork will keep well informed.

  • Mobile equipment (gas analyzers) are connected by wiffi.

  • Data from vehicles and tests are only entered once in the DMS. asanetwork sends data to each equipment. Less data, less time, fewer errors, higher productivity from the mechanics.

  • Speed of repair. Repair management, information and results on-line on all computers in the workshop. More transparency and better organization for the workshop.

  • Access for the mechanics after the completion of a test, from their computers and equipment to verify if the part is in stock, order it by e-commerce, information technology consulting ...

  • History of all vehicle diagnostics.

If a workshop is to survive they must reorganize their work flow according to the new vehicle technologies. Taking asanetwork Communication Standard, will provide a great benefit and improved quality of work, being a very profitable investment in the very short term.

Watch on the following video: asanetwork's workflow


More information at:

B2B-automotive (dpto. asanetwork)
Velázquez 53, 2 Izda, 28001 Madrid
Phone: (34) 91 277 03 21


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14-6-2011: incadea Spain confirms the integration of asanetwork with their new DMS, incadea.MyEngine

10-6-2011: Agreement with Sevimaq for promoting the use of asanetwork with their bodywork repair equipments

18-5-2011: Partnership agreement in Portugal with Activetech

3-5-2011: Lidera Soluciones sings the integration of its DMS, Spiga+, with asanetwork

1-4-2011: asanetwork's presentation in Automechanika Iberica

14-3-2011: Launch of asanetwork's website

18-2-2011: B2B-automotive extends the asanetwork distribution to Portugal

21-12-2010: Agreement with Asanetwork GmbH for the asanetwork distribution