14-6-2011: incadea Spain confirms the integration of asanetwork with their new DMS, incadea.MyEngine, article in the magazine Mundo Recambio y Taller

B2B-automotive, Spain and Portugal asanetwork's distributor, and incadea Spain confirm the beginning of the asanetwork integration with their new DMS, incadea MyEngine, incadea is present in 71 countries and it is recommended worldwide by BMW, GM and the Volkswagen Group, apart from multiple recommendations in each country. In Spain it is starting its operations with new-generation products, focused on the productivity and efficiency of the licensee's process. Incadea is Microsoft's Gold Certificate Partner, with a strategic alliance for the automotive area. For José Félix Ortega, B2B-automotive Manager, this agreement confirms the asanetwork suitability for workshops and licensees that bet for efficiency and quality. The Incadea's Spain General Manager Mr. Fernando Palma believes that:

"Incadea bets for innovative solutions that incorporate last Microsoft's technology in ERP and CRM systems, and that are gaining the major automotive brands. Our new DMS, incadea MyEngine, will dispose of very vanguard features that will contribute to improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers. Based on this philosophy we are going to initiate the integration with asanetwork so as the licensees that wish can be incorporated, improving markedly the productivity on their workshop processes."


10-6-2011: Agreement with Sevimaq for promoting the use of asanetwork with their bodywork repair equipments, article in the magazine Mundo Recambio y Taller

Sevimaq is the Blackhawk's Spain distributor, company of the Snap-on Equipment Group. Blackhawk is specialized in the manufacture of high quality bodywork repair equipments, their bed on the electronic measurement equipment bodywork Shark is very implanted in multiple Bodywork Workshops. The agreement objective is the joint realization of diverse trade and communication actions of the Shark+asanetwork set. For B2B-automotive this agreement supposes to be supported by a great actor in the world of the highest equipment to body shops technical level, for their product asanetwork. The Sevimaq's Director, Mr. Alejandro Nicieza manifested:

"The Sevimaq equipment distributes in Spain equipments to body shops since 1995, highlighting our electronic measurement equipment bodywork Shark. Blackhawk has been an asanetwork partner for years because the Shark+asanetwork conjunction offers more value to our workshops. We are glad to have asanetwork in Spain because like this our customers will be able to obtain our equipment Shark maximum performance, as it has already been done in lots of Centre-Europe workshops. asanetwork integrates our electronic meter Shark with the workshop management system, enabling the workshops to improve their productivity, quality and control, so as to offer the information to the experts and the insurance companies on a fully secure way."


3-5-2011: Lidera Soluciones sings the integration of its DMS, Spiga+, with asanetwork article in the magazines Mundo Recambio y Taller and ElectroCar

B2B-automotive sings an agreement with Lidera Soluciones in order to do the integration with it's DMS, Spiga+. In the Spiga+ project there are involved companies with a big knowledge and position in the automotive sector in Spain, Portugal and South America, like Salvador Caetano, Mapfre and Cesvimap. Actually Lidera Soluciones is present in Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico. For B2B-automoitve this agreement is very important because of its commercial significance in Spain and Portugal as well as its extension to South America markets where B2B-automotive is very interested. Lidera Soluciones's Ceo, Mr. Ramón Lago, believes that:

"In Lidera Soluciones we strive to provide our customers with leading-edge solutions that create efficiency in their processes. For this reason we decided to integrate asanetwork. We understand that asanetwork is a great addition to our management system, Spiga +, and we believe our customers will value highly by the significant time savings and quality improvements that are generated. No doubt this global solution allows us to cover the needs of our international clients."


1-5-2011: asanetwork in Italy

Planus Group, partner in Italy and Germany of B2B-automotive is the new distributor of asanetwork in Italy. This agreement strengthens the relationship started in February 2011 between Planus Group and B2B-automotive, consolidating the international capacity of both companies.


1-4-2011: asanetwork's presentation in Automechanika Iberica, article in the magazine ElectroCar

Great success of asanetwork's presentation in Madrid's Fair, Motortec Automechanika Iberica. It was directed by the General Maganer of Asanetwork GmbH, Mr. Peter Rehberg, and by B2B-automotive's Manager Mr. José Félix Ortega. Attending to the presentation were all kinds of enterprises: car's manufacturers, Dealer associations, Workshop associations, multi-brand workshops networks, software managements systems, DMS, expert networks, PTI networks, and technical information companies. This innovative solution aroused much interest because improves the productivity of the workshop and PTI, as well as improvements in quality that gives to the workshop customers. B2B-automotive here appreciates the assistance and interest shown. At the Fair many meetings were held with all kind of companies and associations, with a big success because of the important number of companies that have expressed interest in following the conversations.


14-3-2011: Launch of asantwork´s website

Due to the growing interest auroused with the new solution of B2B-automotive, asanetwork, has been inaugurated the website www.asanetwork.es. This website, in Spanish and in English, born with the aim to explain in detail and plenty of asanetwork informative material to the customers (workshops, PTI, wholesalers) and to the potential partners (manufactures of workshop equipments, distributors, software of management systems, DMS). B2B-automotive is committed to positionate properly this specific website so as the workshops can easily find the garage equipments, their distributors and the DMS integrated with asanetwork.


18-2-2011: Extended distribution of asanetwork to Portugal

B2B-automotive signs an agreement with Asanetwork GmnH for the expansion of the distribution of asanetwork to Portugal, being B2B-automotive the exclusive distributor of asanetwork in Spain and Portugal. This agreement is a major boost for B2B-automotive because of the confidence given by Asanetwork GmnH. In turn, this agreement allows to give a better support to companies with an Iberian perspective.


21-12-2010: Agreement for distribution of asanetwork

B2B-automotive signs a distribution agreement with Asanetwork GmnH, between the General Maganer of Asanetwork GmbH, Mr. Peter Rehberg and the Manager of B2B-automotive Mr. José Félix Ortega. B2B-automotive increases its own portfolio of products and services with a very modern solution, efficient and, at the same time, very tested in centre europe. The distribution of asanetwork in Spain will enable B2B-automotive to present a very profitable solution to the workshops network, PTI and wholesalers. B2B-automotive will present asanetwork at the Motortec Fair.