Mr. Vicente Soria, Business Solutions Manager of Velyen lic. Istobal, Badger Meter Europe distributor in Spain

"Our Lubricant's Management is of the highest quality, because of that it is integrated with asanetwork. Through asanetwork all the oil changes information is automatically communicated to the workshop management system, DMS. The oil savings due to an exhaustive control, the operators time and the installation and maintenance of our Management systems are optimized with asanetwork. Without any doubt this solution, very tested in Centre-Europe, will be of great interest for our clients because of its important savings and its management information improvements."


Mr. Fernando Palma, General Manager of incadea Spain

"Incadea bets for innovative solutions that incorporate last Microsoft's technology in ERP and CRM systems, and that are gaining the major automotive brands. Our new DMS, incadea MyEngine, will dispose of very vanguard features that will contribute to improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers. Based on this philosophy we are going to initiate the integration with asanetwork so as the licensees that wish can be incorporated, improving markedly the productivity on their workshop processes."


Mr. Alejandro Nicieza, Director of Sevimaq. Blackhawk's Spain distributor

"The Sevimaq equipment distributes in Spain equipments to body shops since 1995, highlighting our electronic measurement equipment bodywork Shark. Blackhawk has been an asanetwork partner for years because the Shark+asanetwork conjunction offers more value to our workshops. We are glad to have asanetwork in Spain because like this our customers will be able to obtain our equipment Shark maximum performance, as it has already been done in lots of Centre-Europe workshops. asanetwork integrates our electronic meter Shark with the workshop management system, enabling the workshops to improve their productivity, quality and control, so as to offer the information to the experts and the insurance companies on a fully secure way."


Mr. Ramón Lago, CEO of Lidera Soluciones, DMS company

"In Lidera Soluciones we strive to provide our customers with leading-edge solutions that create efficiency in their processes. For this reason we decided to integrate asanetwork. We understand that asanetwork is a great addition to our management system, Spiga +, and we believe our customers will value highly by the significant time savings and quality improvements that are generated. No doubt this global solution allows us to cover the needs of our international clients."


Mr. Fernando Hernández, IT Director for Grupo Domingo Alonso, Audi-Volkswagen importer of Canary Islands, Luxembourg..

"At Domingo Alonso we integrated asanetwork due to its great importance in the marketing of our DMS in central European markets and we understand that, for our daily work in our own dealer network, we will generate significant savings of time and money, service quality improvement and control of workflow. We consider it a must have for today in any workshop that aims improving processes staying ahead of the current technology."